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May 22, 2013

Learning Styles --- Part 1

Can I change my style? Can I improve my style? Can I learn or acquire a new style? Which style is best for what learning task? Don't ask a good question. Because scholars, researchers, book writer usually leave them for you yourself to answer!

What Styles Are There?

  1. Left-brained, right-brained?
  2. Prefer to see, hear or do?visual,auditory,reading/writing-preference,
  3. Deep vs surface
  4. Holistic/Integrative vs atomistic/itemized
  5. Single/alone vs team/social/cooperative learning
  6. Converger,Diverger,Assimilator,Accommodator
  7. Field Dependent or Independent
  8. Concrete or Abstract

"What is my style?"
"Do we have more than one style?"
"Can I change my style?"
"Can I improve my style?"
"Can I learn or acquire a new style?"
"Which style is best for what task?"

As I have warned you before,  you yourself will have to to answer these very good, and useful questions.

We'll come up with more help in later posts on this blog.


  1. AnonymousMay 24, 2013

    The Four Steps for Accelerated Proficiency
    defute -> snapshot -> wet -> 20 prep, 80 move

    The UnStoppable Six provide a framework for guiding your business plans. Ask simple, but highly effective questions:
    1.What is our unique difference?
    2.Who is our team?
    3.Who are our customers?
    4.How do we get famous?
    5.What’s our Minimum Viable Product?
    6.How will we get revenue?

  2. AnonymousMay 24, 2013

    3 sets = skill/technical + rule + power/emo

    micro-scripts = rules of thumb

    emos = fear and love!??

    fear <== Is really true and sure? Reframing? self-talk?
    e.g "altitude is your friend"
    "big sky, small bullets"