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February 8, 2013

Product Strategy : What is Strategy?

I've been burned so many times. So I learned.

I learn that you must obviously sound and look humble in online communication, discussion etc. So, here I am ---- humble both by nature and by discipline.

What is strategy?
I don't know clearly.

I don't even have a clear answer for: What is strategic?

I only have stories, anecdotes, case studies, fragmented impressionistic data. Maybe too simplistic for Harvard/Standford Profs and for you too.
  1. Are beans in bamboo containers strategic for your army?
  2. Are trumpets strategic for your army?
  3. Are drums strategic for your army?
  4. Are silk vests strategic for your army?
  5. Is medicine for cracked winter feet strategic for your army?
Yes, according to military histories of the Chinese and the Mongols and  Punic Wars .
  1. Are dental chairs strategic for your army?
  2. Is winning hearts and minds strategic for your army?
Yes, according to military histories of the British.

What About Software Business?

  1. Is "pizzazz" and "sizzle" strategic for your websites?
  2. Is "design" strategic for your websites?
Yes to Question 1,according to Don’t Make Me Think, if your site is entertainment(movies, musics, games), pure branding(cereal), or -- I forgot this last one ;-)

Yes to Question 2, according to this Fast Company article

"A reliance on design-driven innovation poses a challenge for the companies that live by it: You can’t easily patent how something looks, or the feel of a user interface. Features, subtleties, and finishes spawn imitators with unprecedented speed. That means that design-led companies must innovate constantly to maintain their edge. And that’s exactly what makes the stories in this issue so interesting."

So What Is Strategic?

They say that leverage can be found in "strange places". What kind of "strange"? What kind or kinds of places? Why strange places?

Leverage, a beautiful word, indeed. Especially in deeds.

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