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June 17, 2015

Soccer Speed, Essay Speed at EssayKKN

Here is the summary of this fabulous book, "Soccer Speed" by By Richard Bate and Ian Jeffreys.
  1. Unless the opponent is unskillful or undisciplined, it will be too exhausting to defend everywhere.Thus you defend only your key areas. This implies that you allow the opponent to attack or to build up attack in certain areas.

  2. Unless the opponent is unaware, unskillful or undisciplined, you cannot expect to attack freely. They are likely to defend deep, defend as a bloc and defend in congested areas.

  3. Such congested defence entails that an attacking side can succeed only with
    • Variety in techniques, approaches, styles, tempos
    • Deception, disguise, misleading, subtlety
    • speed, "speed of change of speed"
    • teamwork
    • initiative at individual as well as team level

Doesn't this remind you of Sun Tzu, von Moltke, Clausewitz, Boyd (of OODA fame)?

Doesn't this remind you of Jack Welch, Jack Trout, Gigerenzer?

Chapter titles such as "Chapter 11 Strategy and Tactics," "Chapter 12 Developing Soccer Intelligence ", and sub-headings such as "Inventive Passing," "Deceptive Passing," "Importance of Decision Making," "Factors in Decision Making" make us wonder if we are reading a decision-science book.

Our fundamental stand at EssayKKN has been that all good jobs in future involve the same skills involved in essay-writing: getting ideas, organizing and expressing them tastefully. Now we wonder whether these skills underpin good soccer, beautiful soccer too!

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