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April 5, 2013

We're Having Fun -- Talented Human Resources

We are having fun. Previously we had problems in this area. But once we stopped blaming and instead took responsibility, owned the problem and planted ourselves in the driver's seat, the problem seemed to downsize itself and almost solved itself. Then we started having fun.

Previous Thinking

A PhD in tree studies, a PhD in vine studies, a PhD in flower studies, a PhD in soil studies, a PhD in water studies, a PhD in weather studies, a PhD in sun and wind studies, a PhD in rain studies --- all just to decorate the Headquarter? But before Facebook became Facebook, even if we gave them a tree for free, they may not have room to plant it in their Harvard dorm.

A PhD in food sciences, Five-Star Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean chefs, a PhD in diet studies, a PhD in hygiene studies --- all just for the company canteen? But before Google became Google, the two co-founders may not be able to eat all that these cooks can whip up everyday.

Current Thinking

We may not be able to architect our HQ, but we may be able rent a nice room in a nice neighborhood.

We may not be able to provide international cuisines at our canteen, but we may  be able take buses and cabs to a nice restaurant once in a while.

Honda may now be making Honda Jets but when they started their Engineering Dept was more or less a bicycle shed.

After this pivot in our thinking, we started having fun!

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