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January 23, 2013

Startup Wing Chun - Intent

I once read in Wing Chun Compendium that Intent is more important than force, muscle pressure, energy etc. The book explains the concept of intent (in my paraphrase) as

"Just think about it. The hand will hit the target, the foot will raise and kick the target, all by themselves."

Doesn't it sound as magical as the Law of Attraction folks?

The I recalled what I often see in TV documentaries on wild life.

Fish flying from holes to holes in their muddy banks. Fish climbing walls, scaling mountains.

Birds diving deep into waters. Birds swimming across waves.

But fish remain fish and never leave the essence of fish. So do birds.

Apple engineers did study Jelly bean factories. But they are not turning Apple into Food and Beverage business. They were there to study how to make Jelly bean colors of their iMacs enticing.

Adaptability doesn't mean scattering, splintering, dispersing one's time, attention and resources.


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    000 000 000

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    In 2005, I told an audience at a Singapore EDB (Economic Dev Board) conference, "I don't need money, I need a bit of help. Let's join hands to change the course of world history." That exaggeration keeps haunting me. Yes, I'm haunted, driven and possessed as always.

    Have frightening ambitions! Respect and love fellow humans, not only your family, your bosses, your customers. Be kind to all. No one has a finer, more sophisticated brain than Hitler(I am amused every time I read medical reports and psycho profile of his brain) or Qin Shi Huang. Scheming, strategizing doesn't help unkind brains at any epoch in history.

    Celebrate human creativity. With underwater gadgets and gears, we can delude ourselves we are squids. With jet packs, we can delude ourselves we are hawks. Yet, research, one after another, show we all love panorama, valleys, praries --- we are all monkeys, all very creative. Thus, excellence doesn't matter, love/passion does. I am good at teach/helping 1 kid at a time, 20 at a time, 200 at a time. But every such seesion made me sad. I want to help kids by the MILLIONS. I love power, ease, and kindness. Isn't it perfect description of SOFTWARE?

    The id, or maybe my old self, or I relaspe or I ARISE (adaptive regression ...). I prefer fists and feet, sticks and stones to talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, ... Everything in our way will be ABCDEF ... T ...Z.(atomized, bypassed,chiselled, dug out, erased, flown over, ... tunneled thruogh .. zapped ...)