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January 1, 2013

Sales Prospecting and Leads Generation

Methods, Techniques, Tactics, Tips, What else!
  1. Word of mouth referrals from friends.

  2. Introduce yourself to strangers.

  3. Ask existing customers.

  4. Join a networking group: clubs, churches, associations, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Ning. Social Media, etc

  5. Research the potential companies, the industry. Google. LinkedIn : Personal interests, trade association memberships, colleague relationships, etc. Visit
    Hoovers where you check by SIC code, industry, revenue, geography, etc.

  6. Your own websites.

  7. Monitor market: newspapers articles, Internet forums, press releases

  8. Make cold calls. Maximize every cold call.

  9. Swap referrals with partners, suppliers.

  10. Run Live seminars. Be a guest speaker. Host Webinars.

  11. Initiate or participate in trade shows.

  12. Host an event.

  13. Volunteer for community efforts.

  14. Launch videos.

  15. Pod casts.

  16. Publish ezines, articles etc

  17. Blog. Guest-blog.

  18. Run or join forums.

  19. Reciprocal links

  20. Do some SEO (search engine optimization).

  21. Social bookmarking: digg, reddit, etc.

  22. Your press releases.

  23. Email Publications, Email News Letters.

  24. Ads: normal, web

  25. Ads Swap.

  26. Promotions: point program, coupons, gifts,

  27. Develop strategic alliances, joint venture, etc.

  28. Data mining.

  29. Buy a lead list from marketing database companies.

  30. Buy referrals.

  31. Pay per Click : search or content.

  32. Free software, apps, widgets, plugins.
Common Tips
  1. Set aside 2-8 hours every week to do prospecting.

  2. Follow up.

  3. Script your message. Title/teaser plus 4-sentence content plus a call to action

  4. Script your voice mail message.

  5. Be ready for common objections.

  6. Provide value at every point of contact.
Factors to Consider When Qualifying Your Prospects
Company size, annual revenue, margins, profits levels, decision makers, decision time frame, current supplier situation, their budget and financial situations, fit with your products/services, etc.

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