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January 25, 2013

My Visions for Software

I'm referring to IT's Great Power to Spark Changes by Nayan Chanda. Because I have taken time, this post will be very short.
  1. Collaboration is getting better. Soon, we will be able to teleport ourselves to any part of the world for a few cents
  2. Distribution is getting better. You just write your content/app on your PC, phone, pad, watch, or shirt. Then, just press a button, and the world's population can see/use your stuff in a few seconds in their own devices.
  3. Even content may be getting better despite what Rupert Murdoch said here “Devices and platforms are proliferating but this clever technology is merely an empty vessel without any great content.” Since NewCorps alone does not have monopoly on content creation genius, content costs will come down.
Our Opportunities
Imagine you can teleport your son/daughter to any library anywhere in the world, swiftly, safely, and cheaply.

Imagine your kid can use all the library services/apps there for free.

Will that make him/her any wiser, any more employable?

What else is needed?

1 comment:

  1. Things are getting better. The best of times!

    And things are getting worse. The worst of times!

    Opportunities do come with traps, pitfalls or at least some baggage.