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January 29, 2013

Let Your Children Play Real Games


  1. You want your child to excel at something. Then you need him/her to practice a lot.
  2. But then, you want him/her to train on their own, not with you training them minute by minute, face to face, as in an animal training program designed by Skinner or Pavlov, or their modern-day proponents.
  3. Then you need to design the activities as a game.
  4. The 2 key appeals of games are

    1. There are a lot of accessible gains, prizes, rewards, providing "instant gratification"
    2. There are pains too but these pains are tolerable or very limited or easily terminable. That is, you can restart a pingpong/tennis/football/video game at minimal costs.

An Ancient Warning

"Do not force ..."
"Do not rush ..."
"Forceful progress is wrong."



Why have I Ching original texts and commentaries included such phrases?

A Writer's Ratio

When a writer read 3 million words and wrote down only 3 words, the input ratios is 1 million. When the writer thought 600 minutes and spent 60 minutes to write down her/his piece, the thinking ratio becomes 10.

The reader's comprehension/digestion/rumination ratio should be proportionate.

Thank you, and good luck.

1 comment:

  1. I cannot agree more. Physical, real games get you real friendships and real smiles. Virtual, online games get you fake relationships and loss of health.