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January 10, 2013

Grief work - Homecoming in a Jet

on June 23, 2011

It's a misnomer, the title.

1. Sad about losses and misses, but this is also a release and a celebration!

2. True in the sense of reconnecting with one's true self. A shining, shining with greatness. But real visits may be years away. Sad.

A fragment of Japanese poetry comes to mind:

" For the sake of sons who pray,
Let the parting day be thousand years away.

What a samurai! Homecoming as in Healing the Shame that Binds You (Recovery Classics).

3. In the dark days of the 1980, and in a fit of temper, I heard ( myself saying ), "I am going to have a private jet." Maybe never, or long long later. It doesn't matter much at any time.

But Chin-Ning Chu's Jet I have, already have.

When a commercial jet is taking off, many a passenger get anxious and think that their jet will fail, burn or explode. But their negative thoughts don't have as much weight as they assume and most such jets function normally and safely.

Be as negative as you feel like.

The Jet is taking off: properly spec-ed, properly designed, properly built, properly piloted.


  1. You love your parents all right. They must love you too. We your readers wish a happy timely reunion!

  2. Don't waste your time. But be patient though. You seem to have no other choice ;-)

  3. " For the sake of sons who pray,
    Let the parting day be thousand years away."

    A good piece, where did you read it?