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January 27, 2013

Future of Blogging : Our Methods and Madness

on November 6, 2011

Polonius(in Hamlet) says of the Prince : "Though this be madness, there is method in it".

Let's see how much that applies to our blogging style here. Is there a madness? Is there a method? Is there only one, none or both or something else altogether?

Some years back I read lots of how-to blog books. I still update my knowledge base in this area on a continual basis. But then, I use my finger-tip feels much more than those rational rules.

For instance:
  1. For the sake of search engine, a blog be at lest 250 words long. I just don't care.
  2. A blogger must establish a regular rhythm. I just don't care.
  3.  A blogger must know her/his target audience. I just don't care.
  4. No body reads blogs anymore. I just don't care.
  5. No body writes blogs anymore. I just don't care.
  6. A blogger must get incoming links somehow. I just don't care.
  7. A write should edit, re-edit. I just don't care.

I just don't care.

Eric E. Schmidt, Google Chairman, admits in a Businessweek eulogy that Steve Jobs often made his decisions based on hazy, foggy, flimsy data but Jobs did make assumptions that are "never crazy."

What crazy assumptions have I made here?

  1. People who never read sonnets, will never read sonnets. They should never be in my radar.
  2.  People who seldom write sonnets, will seldom write sonnets. I will outlive, outlast such fellow sonnets writers.
  3. Any of my posts must be and is helpful to my readers.
  4. Target audience, my sticking to my core, etc -- I need not concern. A person can do nothing but stay in his core, not matter how versatile or scattered. e.g. Can I be bird or a fish? No! Whatever I do will reflect/represent/smell/taste/sound/look me automatically.
  5. Blogging is useful to both writers and readers.
  6. If you have better things to promote, you should save your energy to promote those things, rather than promote your blogs all out.
  7. I can write 10 blog post per day easily. But I will publish about 1 post per month and do somethings else in the remaining time.
Is this useful? The time you lose in coming to my blog and the benefit you gain in reading this? Do they make a good balance/ratio in your favor?

I cannot abuse you, trick you, harm you in anyway. Beyond that, is there any other blogging or moral or trade rule?

I don't think so. Good luck!


  1. Do we know how to bully effectively? (Recall how Lord Buddha asked Prince Nanda to come along with Him before the prince's wedding to Princess Badda Kalyarni) .

    Now, this wonderful book "10-Minute Toughness" insists that we must not accept "I don't know" from anyone including ourselves.

    Are there good bullies? What happen if I insist I must know, like a bully?

  2. There are no good bullies.

    You may try to be assertive and forceful but that must never hurt or harm any other party concerned.

    Be kind. Kind is better than unkind ;-)