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December 24, 2012

User Experience and Product Development : Dreamer, Wisher Method --- Part 1

In a previous post, I have demonstrated how I am good at dreaming and my Walter Mitty- Dijkstra hybrid mode.

I think I am alright dreaming how a user would go through an imaginary application.

A few weeks back, I asked an online Singaporean programmers group to implement some features for an e-learning app. They responded saying my  feature cannot be "new." Then, I showed how "new" they could be, by asking this:

"OK. Find me something that looks like this.
  1. It's free and online. 
  2. I type main question, then choices, including if necessary, images too. And the answer.
  3. I can add as many question I like. 
  4. I can print it out, and it comes out nicely. 
  5. I can let my students practice there. 
  6. There can be tip/hints for students. 
  7. Answers are graded. 
  8. I can edit them. 
  9. I can download my question sets. They work offline too! 
  10. I can go on, but this should be enough.
This is 1 of 1000 things we can do for education/training etc. So I have no need to protect this. ... Please don't mention SCORM, IMS, Moodle, Atutor, Coursera, hot potatoes, whatever. If a nice thing is there, why would I code or ask others to code."

Yes, I have dreamed up dozens of apps. Each app can be divided up into dozen smaller apps.

Therefore, there is no need for me to protect, hide, hoard each micro/nano app.

I am willing share these dreams to willing hands and kindred spirits.


  1. You have a fertile brain. Why don't you use it to recruit like-minded developers?

  2. I am recruiting all the time. Thanks, I'll succeed.