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December 19, 2012

Personal Computer Security: Apple Way

I am referring to this article. Want a bite of Apple? Keep Your Lips Sealed

Let's see how Apple secures its secrets and how we can keep our secrets too.

  1. Physical barriers to access.

  2. Physical isolation.

  3. Physical detection.

  4. Threat of reprisal e.g. you get no more business from Apple, law suits, arrests, etc

  5. Secure the weakest links, esp, your suppliers.

  6. "protect even the smallest details" Results: invaders have to filter out what is valuable and what isn't.

  7. Divide and Conquer: "Information is assiduously guarded and handed out only on a need-to-know basis". And forgo "the convenience of one-stop shopping" but "often minutely divvy up projects."

  8. Make leaks very obvious: "give contract manufacturers different products."

  9. "do as many things in-house."

  10. "A tight-lipped ethos."

  11. Timeliness : "bring suppliers in at the absolute last minute - sometimes just weeks before the rumoured launch"

From this list, can you learn some new ways you can protect your emails, your personal data, your business secrets?

Please let us know if you have new, different ways of security.