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December 19, 2012

Innovation Seminar --- 4

  1. Two persons, two different behaviors: both succeeded. Please check up Prince by Machiavelli or Thinking About Leadership.
  2. You box the same way. George Foreman boxes the same way, but he thinks he'll win the bout. He even believe the older version of George Foreman will beat the younger version. Am I mad? Is he mad? Are you mad? Please check out By George. At least, you will learn how to face Joe Frazier, Smoking Joe, when your knees are shaking with fears. Just imagining makes my knees shake ;-|

Thus my first Innovation topic is
  1. You must copy and 
  2. You must not copy (esp. George Foreman, KKN and Machiavelli. Because the first has his own reasons, the last is half-fox and the second is just plain lucky. Lucky the way von Moltke would have it.)
Best of life to you all!

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  1. So many links and quotes. We cannot follow all the references. Anyway, the ideas are clear enough already. Thanks.