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July 31, 2019

Job Hunting and Re-invention by New Perception

To reinvent yourself for new jobs and opportunities, you need to see things anew. If not by your own eyes, by some borrowed eyes.  I learn a lot from this fantastic book.

This section of shows you how to cope with negative emotions during your job search.

Job Hunting and Re-invention

If you feel your options are limited, try the fiction-writer's lens. This fantastic book says it all.

This section of  tells you how to use job boards effectively.

Young Steve Jobs's Business Acumen

Wozniak (Apple co-founder) wanted to give his design away so that other people could build their own personal computer.

Jobs knew people were either too busy or not smart enough to do so. He knew they would pay for convenience.

And Paul Terrell, the owner of a computer store, also knew that. That's Steve Jobs's genius and savvy.

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July 27, 2019

Over-Automation and Over-AI

A few months back, Elon Musk admitted that production delays at Tesla factories were down to their attempt to automate too much too soon.

Here in this story, the pilots had to fight their own in-flight software. The software read wrongly that the plane was rising too steeply and corrected the "error" by diving the plane too steeply too. The pilots tried to over-ride the software with lots of difficulty.

Here I see no point to plug into my web app. ( ). 

Haa Haaa Haa ...

Entrepreneurs to Be Impulsive and to Think Black and White

I admit that there is a great method to Steve Jobs's apparent madness.

Entrepreneurs, especially at the startup stage, are busy. To get to essence, they should simplify a lot.

Moreover, the subconsciousness does not let float up truly unhelpful ideas to the surface. Whatever you recall is somehow relevant to  the issues you are facing. has turned such ideas into a series of user-friendly exercises.