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June 26, 2018

Welcoming Candopi

It's question and answer site.
Another Quora, Stackoverflow?

It's an online learning site.
Another Khan Academy, Moodle, Udacity, Udemy?

Differences for Teachers

  1. A teacher can protect her/his own clients from other teachers.
  2. The teacher gets paid 80% for her/his effort. S/he can check her account balance any time.
  3. The teacher can re-use her/his solutions with a few clicks. Eventually we will fully automate it with AI/Machine Learning.

See for your self at

Secure, Mobile-friendly!

July 28, 2016

Feels-good Law of Attraction

Too bad I can't locate the source, the book I took this photograph from.

This suggests strong that we had better learn to love what we are doing or even thinking about.

Say, you are a student and you want to ace your Physics tests. But if you feel bad every time you think about Physics, you are repelling rather than attracting mastery in that subject. Ask yourself why you can't like it. What exactly is stopping you from liking it whole-heartedly? Is it calculations? It is some concepts? Drill down to the real source of dislike and worry. Divide and conquer them in detail.

End of Average: Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches

First, the author tried GRE Verbal Reasoning problems with a method that overloads his working memory.

Then his father suggested he tried a method that exploited his strengths: visualization.

A heart-warming, inspiring story indeed.

How did Stanislaw Ulam arrive at the Monte Carlo solution that helped the  Manhattan project a good deal? Hoe did Rodney Brooks revolutionize robotics by shifting from world-representations to  world-sensing?

If you can't do a thing a certain way, maybe there are many other ways you can do it.

Innovate around any tricky, knotty problem. Your way, non-average way.

Hidden Magic is More Magical

Steve Jobs didn't want to be too transparent. He was modeling Apple after Disney & co. Walt Disney believed that when people don't know how films are created, they will be more enchanted with the end results.

Both Disney and Jobs felt that if customers saw how messy the process of creation was and how uncertain the creators were about the final outcome, they would not look magical at all to the customers.

July 27, 2016

Simple, Cheap and Durable: Innovation at the Fringe

An inspiring example from Bloomberg Businessweek, June 13-26:

When your resources are seriously constrained, when you are this close to your customers, value-creation becomes almost inevitable.

Tinkerers also have their own advantages.
See Palmer Luckey and his invention, Oculus.
See James Dyson and his invention, stylish vacuum cleaners.
See Honda and his invention, CVCC engine.