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July 8, 2019

Serious Dangers of Zooming Out Too Far : President Obama

When we look for jobs, we need to look a bit more closely. Or else, we may feel despair as all the roads may seem blocked some times. This can happen to genius like President Obama.

From this excellent book:

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Excellent Sheep? Excellent Students?

I do not necessarily agree with this author's point view, data, or logic.

However if he is right, we need to something for our kids and our schools

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July 2, 2019

Candopi Revamped

In Australia, people are mostly employed, but in debt and practising frugality out of necessity.

In India, youth are "atrociously educated" but under-employed.

In Israel, researchers noted that very efficient and capable brains can be more error-prone.

In England (this one is not recent), coaches find that the more familiar you are with success,  the calmer you will be.

No connection among these pieces. Except I happened to read them in a row ;-)

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Extreme Pivot: Leaving Education Alone

We won't be doing Education anymore.

The new app says:

"When your odds are not that good, don't limit your options.
It could be about jobs or business.
We offer scientific as well as traditional ways to make luck.
There are fun stuffs too."

For Who?

Everyone. Whether you are a job-seeker, a self-employed, a trep or a bureaucrat, we think you  can use some more luck. Especially when great odds are against you.


Unless you are already one of the 1%, you may need to improve your life, right? Then you need luck there.


We give encouragement. We demonstrate versatile, vibrant options of those who have succeeded before us all.

This candopi is available on both web and mobile.

June 26, 2018

Welcoming Candopi

It's question and answer site.
Another Quora, Stackoverflow?

It's an online learning site.
Another Khan Academy, Moodle, Udacity, Udemy?

Differences for Teachers

  1. A teacher can protect her/his own clients from other teachers.
  2. The teacher gets paid 80% for her/his effort. S/he can check her account balance any time.
  3. The teacher can re-use her/his solutions with a few clicks. Eventually we will fully automate it with AI/Machine Learning.

See for your self at

Secure, Mobile-friendly!