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July 28, 2016

Feels-good Law of Attraction

Too bad I can't locate the source, the book I took this photograph from.

This suggests strong that we had better learn to love what we are doing or even thinking about.

Say, you are a student and you want to ace your Physics tests. But if you feel bad every time you think about Physics, you are repelling rather than attracting mastery in that subject. Ask yourself why you can't like it. What exactly is stopping you from liking it whole-heartedly? Is it calculations? It is some concepts? Drill down to the real source of dislike and worry. Divide and conquer them in detail.

End of Average: Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches

First, the author tried GRE Verbal Reasoning problems with a method that overloads his working memory.

Then his father suggested he tried a method that exploited his strengths: visualization.

A heart-warming, inspiring story indeed.

How did Stanislaw Ulam arrive at the Monte Carlo solution that helped the  Manhattan project a good deal? Hoe did Rodney Brooks revolutionize robotics by shifting from world-representations to  world-sensing?

If you can't do a thing a certain way, maybe there are many other ways you can do it.

Innovate around any tricky, knotty problem. Your way, non-average way.

Hidden Magic is More Magical

Steve Jobs didn't want to be too transparent. He was modeling Apple after Disney & co. Walt Disney believed that when people don't know how films are created, they will be more enchanted with the end results.

Both Disney and Jobs felt that if customers saw how messy the process of creation was and how uncertain the creators were about the final outcome, they would not look magical at all to the customers.

July 27, 2016

Simple, Cheap and Durable: Innovation at the Fringe

An inspiring example from Bloomberg Businessweek, June 13-26:

When your resources are seriously constrained, when you are this close to your customers, value-creation becomes almost inevitable.

Tinkerers also have their own advantages.
See Palmer Luckey and his invention, Oculus.
See James Dyson and his invention, stylish vacuum cleaners.
See Honda and his invention, CVCC engine.

Hype, Skepticism : Innovator's Method

We should treat hype with a strong dose of skepticism. A great and modern example from Innovator's Method is here:

What would you do if 60-90% of what you read are either irrelevant or wrong? Filtering out the fluff, the chaff has become a serious skill in these days, especially high-tech fields.

Demand or Supply Is Never Ever Fixed

When demand is not good, increasing efficiency and productivity, cutting costs, etc help. But they still do not tackle the main issues. The main thing to counter declining demand, is to conceive the kind of products that arouse lust in the potential users, like Pokemon Go, Nintendo Wii, Apple iPod, iPhones etc.

Zealots, Evangelism, Cause Marketing : Z.E.R.O

You should pay $0.00 for your PR and media. That's the outrageous proposition of this marvelous book.

These zealots will become your brand ambassadors, your agitators and your evangelists.

End of Average: Jagged Talent

You should play your own game.

If you lack courage, faith or inspiration, this is a wonderful book.

"Jagged" means things are uneven. In the figure, the two girls of the same IQ score show different levels of talent in different areas.In one dimension, one girl ranks higher. In another dimension, the other girl does better.

"Context" means your traits are not static but dependent on your situation. In one situation, under one set of circumstance, one boy will turn more aggressive than the other and vice versa.

Nothing is Unthinkable: Z.E.R.O.

What do you truly believe? Go do it. What others call heresies can be your true legacies.

What is totally unacceptable to the conventional wisdom, can be a truly revolutionary thing. As long as it serves people and does not harm them, just go do it.

Hate to Love: Z.E.R.O

Sometimes we don't know what we want. At such times, knowing what we don't want, can help us discover our true desires.

So, as the extract suggests, take down what you hate. It may reveal your true love. Hopefully.

Customers Are Always Right : About Face

The author is quoting the classic "Positioning" by Ries and Trout. The quotation contains timeless insights for marketers.

People who want to educate other people, must be aware of these mine traps!

People always prefer to live in their own small bubbles, their comfort zones. Let them stay there, it's their rights.

One at a time? All at once? Vary Your Approach --2

Do A, then B, then C and then mix them up.

Or let A, B and C happen all at once.

Both! Variation is the answer sometimes.

We have talked about a similar example before on this blog.

July 26, 2016

Patent Joke from New Scientist

At first the missile site sent only a few signals. The fighter jets caught onto these signals and fire-bombed those sites.

Later the missile site sent 10, 000 signals and while the fighters got confused, the missile site shot down the planes.

Arm race!  It was wonderfully described in "The Age of the Unthinkable" by Joshua Cooper Ramo.

The same seems going between the trolls and the defenders. It is funny, the machine, the code seems this time to be on the true innovators' side.

Encouraging as well as entertaining.

Book Covers

Mere photos of covers of books?

Don't they inspire you in any way?

Strategy from Boston Consulting Group, it's here.
Marketing and persuasion, they are here.

AI, machine learning, , it's here.
Just plain solid code, it's here.

How programming is used in an important domain i.e. finance, it's here.

Even if you don't understand any of this, don't you get an idea where things are going is this world?

Courage : early months of 2016 -- part 2

Visualization helps. Imagination helps.

If you can't train in one particular way, imagine many other ways to train.

Courage : early months of 2016

"The Street-Smart Salesman: How Growing Up Poor Helped Make Me Rich" by Anthony Belli

There will always be opportunities. So be ready to walk away from any deal.

Even when you are losing in one front, say, your workplace, you can be winning in another. Winning in any front will rub off on your effort in any other front. A lot like portfolio investments.

Simple Answers: Globalization

Read the title or heading. Then answer the question, or solve the issue yourself first. Then you will see where you stand.

For me, I was thrilled that my simpleton answers were right on target.

Let the winners make some reasonable compensation for losers.

Simple enough to be a villager's answer?

Simple Answers: Productivity

Read the title or heading. Then answer the question, or solve the issue yourself first. Then you will see where you stand.

For me, I was thrilled that my simpleton answers were right on target.

Zombie banks and zombie businesses caused by corruption or incompetence destroy productivity most.

Funny, a villager's answer.

Inner Voice of Meditation 5 and 6: Connected Discourses of the Buddha

Inner Voice of Meditation 3 and 4: Connected Discourses of the Buddha

Inner Voice of Meditation 1 and 2: Connected Discourses of the Buddha

Have fun!