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July 9, 2015

Twelve Essays to Make Any Exam Easy, from 2,000 Years of Examples

There are only four types of essays : Narrative, Expository, Argumentative, Descriptive, NEAD for short. If you write just 3 essays for each type sincerely, honestly and methodically, meticulously and in-depth, you will do well for any type of essay in any type of examination.


  1. A memorable lesson of leadership that I learned in high school
  2. The first time I realized I was in love
  3. The first time I failed an exam


  1. Learning a craft
  2. Stereotypes
  3. Making good decisions in life


  1. Should smoking be declared illegal?
  2. Is bullying natural?
  3. Should the death penalty be abolished?


  1. A dream I could never forget
  2. When robots take over all our jobs
  3. My favorite movie theater

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