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July 9, 2015

Some Exams We Prepare for at EssayKKN

Singapore    JC/ GCE A     GP    Essay 

Aims of this exam : Future-ready skills such as "argumentation, communication, critical thinking and writing skills"... "challenges and opportunities present in the 21st century" ... "the realities of the world ... the aspirations of humanity"

Deliverables : 500 to 800 words in 90 mins. Only 1 out of about 12 essay titles!

Marking/Grading: Total=50; Language=20; Content=30

Singapore    GCE O     English    Essay, Free Writing 

Aims of this exam : "to use accurate and consistent spelling, grammar and vocabulary," "to generate and select ideas for writing and representing," "to develop, organise and express ideas coherently and cohesively,"                

Deliverables : 350 to 500 words in about 60 mins. Only 1 out of about 5 essay titles!

Marking/Grading: Total=30; Language=?; Content=?        

IELTS     Writing    Data Description, Essays, Letters

Aims of this exam : Task 1 (Academic): Can you describe information presented in graph, table, chart or diagram etc and present the description in your own words? Task 2 (Academic): Can you formulate and develop a position in relation to a given question or statement, providing evidence, examples, and reasoning? Task 1 (General): Can you respond to a given problem with a letter requesting information or explaining a situation?  

Deliverables : Task1 : 150 words in 20 mins. 1 out of 1 given topic!

Deliverables : Task2 : 250 words in 40 mins. 1 out of 1 given topic!

Marking/Grading:Out of 9 according to these requirements: Task Achievement, Coherence and Cohesion, Vocabulary, Grammatical Range and Accuracy.

Singapore    PSLE     English    Essay, Continuous Writing   

Aims of this exam : "generate and select relevant ideas, organising and expressing them" nicely, "use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation," "use a variety of vocabulary appropriately, with clarity and precision"

Deliverables : 150 words or more in about 50 mins. 1 out of about 3 essay titles!

Marking/Grading:Total=40; Language=?; Content=?

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