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July 4, 2015

Shall We Pivot with EssayKKN?

T-Direction is a great web app, decidedly simple, just covering two main use cases:

  1. Ask us to write anything. We will send back the finished essay into your Inbox in less than a week.
  2. Write anything and send it to us. Our feedback works just like an X-ray scan.It shows you where you are unforgivably weak, where you can reap big benefits with very small effort.

However, as I wrote in previous posts on this blog, kids apparently hate to write essays, and parents also do not seem to appreciate essay skills undergird many essential life skills.

Anyway, I decide not spend much for customer acquisition.

We still have many great features to do on our todo list:

  1. Let users show their cute pictures.

  2. Let users show off how witty and eloquent and creative they are.

  3. Let users write bite-size.

  4. Let users write as a team.

  5. Let users play educational and yet entertaining games. Turn the dreadful essay into a fun game!

  6. Make the app accessible to mobile phones.
We still have many great technologies to embed into that app:

  1. Can we let a robot teach in place of a human teacher?

  2. Can we let a robot read the essay and feedback sensibly?

  3. Can we let a robot urge on the writer, in place of a human teacher?
Well, our team at EssayKKN know full well that in the 3-D Chess, there is always a good move to make next, and that in the 24-D Universe, there will be many more moves we can make at our leisure and for our pleasure! Enjoy the journey with us.

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