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July 9, 2015

RootOutline: Perspectives and Framing, Introduction, Body, Conclusion

RootOutline: Perspectives and Framing

What do you know about the reader or audience? Their background knowledge, their assumptions, their points of views?

Can you pinpoint shared interests and goals? Can you highlight common grounds?

Can you relate your viewpoint to theirs?

RootOutline: Introduction

Start the story in an interesting way.
Tell them what your going to say? Or be coy and just make a few hints to whet their curiosity?
Make an outline of things you are going to say?
Go straight into the heart of the matter?.

RootOutline: Body

Details and more details.
Examples, dialogs, conversations, actions and movements.
Comparisons and contrasts. Similarities and differences.
Essence and minor trivias

RootOutline: Conclusion

A finality, a closure? Can the reader feel that things have come to a completion? Nothing more to happen?

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