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July 8, 2015

Impressionistc Overview of Cassius Longinus

Elements of Expression by Arthur Plotnik, page 110

  1. "five sources most productive of great writing ... vigor of mental conception ... strong and inspired emotion" word choices, word arrangement, and rhetorical devices.
  2. "The startling and amazing is more powerful than the charming and persuasive ..." To be convinced is within your control. Amazement is beyond your control.
  3. "Those who aim at greatness try to escape the charge of feeble aridity and are somehow led into turgidity,believing it 'a noble error to fail in great things'"
  4. "... amplification [occurs when] .. fine, well-rounded passages succeed one another, increasing the effect at every step ... Greatness implies distinction, amplification implies quantity; the former can exist in a single thought, the latter always involves length and a certain abundance."

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