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July 8, 2015

How We Provide Feedback at EssayKKN --- 4

IELTS, Task2

Question: Development in technology has brought various environmental problems. Some believe that people need to live simpler lives to solve it. Others, however, believe that technology is the way to solve these problems. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

[View1= Live simpler. View2= Use more techno.]

[P1 = ] It is true that recent advances in technology could create numerous environmental issues. As a result, some environmentalists suggest that people should change the way they live [and live ] as simple as possible to help reduce this. In my opinion, I believe that technology can be applied in various means to safeguard the environment. [You seem to support V2. Whatever V you support is fine. Just state your stand clearly.]

[P2 = ] There are many reasons why many prefer to live in non- luxurious lives in order to reduce environmental problems. Firstly, driving cars inevitably produce toxic fumes which cause air pollution. If people walk instead of using cars, particularly for short distance travel to town, this will save fuels as well as reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Secondly, modern day lifestyle is full of comfort and convenience with availability of various domestic appliances and household electronics. Some green thinkers advice to live a life without these facilities as this would reduce energy consumption which further save[s] the world's limited natural resources. My view is that cars and domestic appliances are not for luxury as they are basic facilities to ensure a good quality of life.

[P3 = ] Despite [the] above arguments, I believe that  technology can also be applied in several means to tackle the environmental damage. One effective solution would be the development of recycling technology. By this means, old glasses, metal and plastic products are being transformed into new forms, which prevent illegal dumping of waste and contamination of safe water supply. Another possible solution would be the latest development in renewable energy farms. For example, use of solar panels and other methods of renewable energy production which protect natural resources to be depleted in a long run.

[P4 = ]  In conclusion, although some people think a simple living in order to reduce environmental impacts caused by using modern technology, I strongly believe that application of these new technologies can certainly safeguard our planet.

[P2 = home technos; P3= recycle+ solar etc. Analyzed this this way, seen this way, you will agree that the easiest, safest way to increase your score is to have more ideas. What about pollution at land, in sea, in air? noise? Their teach solutions. ]  

[Open intro more strongly, firmly. Finish even stronger.]

[Thank you. I'm just to busy right now. I am writing code to answer such question automatically ;-) ]

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