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July 16, 2015

Foresight ala Jeff Walker

Elsewhere I've read that at extreme high speed, race car drivers "drive for the daylight," ( meaning they get their orientation from the far horizon ) and "drive through their windshields."

Here's a similar idea by Jeff Walker in "Launch," page: 151.

... when you're on a bike hurtling down a steep mountain single track, you dont' want to look at the trail directly in front of your wheel. That's a recipe for disaster. It means you'll always be reacting at the last second. Sooner or later you'll come to an obstacle where you won't be able to react quickly enough.

Therefore, the author advises: extend your vision as far out as possible. Look beyond any corner/bend. Look through or above trees that may be blocking your view.

Jeck Welch, of GE, once remarked that all successful CEO's have sort of a sixth sense that help them "see what is around the corner."

All great brains think alike? ;-)

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