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July 9, 2015

Common Signal Words in Academic Writing

Writing Better Essays by Chris Baker and Ross Vermeer

Common signal words used in academic writing, page-30 

words that signal an additional point:
  moreover, in addition, and, also, additionally, furthermore, as well

words that signal an effect or consequence:
   as a result, thus, consequently, therefore, so

words that signal stages in an sequence:
  first, then, next, lastly,  finally

words that signal an example: for example,
  for instance, such as

words that signal a conclusion or summary:
  in short, in conclusion, to summarize, to sum up

words that signal similarity:
  similarly, in the same way, likewise, equally

words that signal difference: however,
  in contrast, but, yet, nevertheless,  though

words that acknowledge an alternative or contrasting idea or opinion:
  while, although, despite, in spite of

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