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June 19, 2015

Testing People: Cons

I seldom test people despite my total agreement with Mr Regan's dictum that 'Trust but verify.'

Maybe when I become as important Mr Regan I may have to do more testing. But for now, I am enjoying my test-free life.

The need to test or verify arises more often in virtual world, especially in social media than in real life. In real world, a person posing to be a billionaire has to make up some entourage and to acquire/borrow some status symbols. On Facebook, it's so easy to be a software tycoon of some bogus companies.( You know the degree factory in Somewherestan, where any one of their websites refers to some other 300-plus websites they themselves have put up? And these days, putting up a website is a matter of minutes.)

On Facebook, some of my dead friends even came back to life again. I got so delighted to see them again.

Still I refuse to test people because I know I cannot escape a universal, fundamental law.

When you test, there will be some who fail and some who pass. You must give rewards to anyone who passes. If you fail to do so, you owe those something and you become indebted, with compound interest.

So, let's stop testing if we don't have enough rewards to pass around.

At EssayKKN, whenever we test students, we reward then more than their effort.

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