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June 19, 2015

Hating Essays for the Wrong Reasons

I am so sad to see so many student so reluctant to compose essays. I myself hate to write and so I can sympathize with them.

Still, I believe we owe it to ourselves to learn this essential skill that underpins sales pitches, funds raising pitches, jobs interviews, exam interviews, product demo's, dating persuasion, to name just a few.

True, we have to write too many essays through our school systems. But if you know the trick, this won't be such a tiring chore.

True, many school essays are uninspiring. But we can enliven the topics ourselves. We can gamify the task.

True, the way they grade can be weird, funny, simplistic, cruel or any or many of the above. But we can grade ourselves and downplay the grades we get from school teachers. As long as we know our essays will work in real life, we can accept whatever grades the school teachers give us.

These are the wrong reasons to hate essays. Let's hate for the right reasons.

Find some right reasons at EssayKKN. Enjoy.

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