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June 19, 2015

Hating Essays for the Right Reasons

I myself hate to write essays or anything at all. Do you also hate talking? Not chit-chat, or small talk, but structured, organized, topical talks.

If you hate both writing and speaking, can you communicate via dancing, painting, some miming or telepathy?

Let me be frank and blunt using some equations:

Leadership   =needs=   communication =needs=    essays (written/spoken)
Sales            =needs=   communication =needs=    essays (written/spoken)
Persuasion   =needs=   communication =needs=    essays (written/spoken)

So, unless we settle for Mcjobs or Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times jobs, we have no choice.

Still I hate essays for these right reasons:

  1. It makes me think. You know the sayings? "People prefer to die than to think." "If you make people think, they hate you. If you merely let them feel they have thought, they are grateful to you." "Public speaking is more feared than death itself."

  2. Even when I get some ideas by luck, it still makes me choose. Making choice is making decision, which is an eternal enemy of us mankind.

  3. Even when I can decide, I have to arrange my ideas.

Thinking, deciding, organizing, oh, so tough ... sobs ...sobs ... sobs ... Relax, reframe, get a more useful perspective. Isn't this a great opportunity for all of us? Isn't this the center? The essence, the kernel?

All the highly-paid jobs past, present and future, require these skills --- having ideas, organizing and sharing them.

I still hate thinking. But I can never be as serious with my hate as before because now I know that to "homo sapien," thinking is like swimming is to fish.

EssayKKN specializes in each and every of these skills.

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