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June 24, 2015

Courage Math and Imagination Essays - Part 1

We can teach kids to overcome fear by asking them:
  1. to do extreme sports such as rock climbing, wing suit flying, parkour 
  2. to join street gangs and take part in streets fights 
  3. to go out of their comfort zones by studying strange math problems 
  4. to go out of their comfort zones by studying strange foreign languages 
  5. to taste the fear of the unknown by visiting Syria or Afghanistan 
  6. to sell by cold-calling total strangers 
  7. to eat scary-looking but harmless insects or creatures 
  8. to touch scary-looking but harmless snakes like Python,or fangless cobras

But then I have some reservations for some of these proposals.
  1. We have only 1 life. A bad fall can end my kid's life before s/he learns how to control her/his fears.
  2. Same with reptiles.
  3. What s/he learns in Syria may not apply in other parts of human civilization.
  4. S/he may not need to use those foreign languages that often in her/his later lives.

So we teach Yoda-style fear-controlling mind tricks through Math, Physics, Chemistry or Javascript or Essays. With us, kids will never fear to think on their own feet.

Steve Jobs once saw a few masters disassemble and re-assemble electronic gadgets and he never feared them throughout his life.

We at EssayKKN, try to do the same for your kids with science and learning and essays.

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