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May 29, 2015

t-direction : "t "stands for Taste, not Technology

Having "t "stand for Taste, not Technology, doesn't mean that we are downplaying the importance of technology.

Out term "Taste" has less to do with beauty, elegance, grace, poise, aesthetics or other such concepts, and more with judgement.

Let's consider an example which on the face of it has the least to do with taste. Say, military weapon systems. If you choose something unreliable, not sturdy and robust, or something hard to integrate, hard to upgrade, hard to replace, whatever you choose will turn out "ugly." Not necessarily the systems look ugly. Nonetheless, it will feel ugly.

When your taste has been properly developed in an area, you even lose desires for distasteful stuffs. We all read Marvel, Spider man, batman comic series when young. But once we outgrew these cartoons, we may read them once in a while for nostalgic reasons, but not as seriously, as zealously as in youth. They cannot satisfy our intellectual, emotional, aesthetic needs any more. Our taste has matured with our physical age.

The same holds true for any are of life.

Taste, like Direction, is a bit subjective. We at EssayKKN, have no intention or desire to impose our taste standards on our students. They develop their tastes, and set up their own taste standards just as they draw their own road map and choose their own direction and pace/rate to proceed.

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