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May 28, 2015

EssayKKN : Cruel Only to Be Kind, for Better Direction

We recently launched EssayKKN, a web app to help students write better essays. In truth, we teach more than essays. One of our main aims is, as the app's name suggests, to help them find better directions. What happens when you lose your sense of direction?

If we sound mean and malicious, just keep in mind Hamlet, who once famously said, "I must be cruel only to be kind."

  1. Other graduates write seminal well-cited, well-regarded papers. Yours write unknown, unheard-of papers.

    Okay, we can agree your degrees can be good even if you stop writing papers.

  2. Other graduates write books. (Okay, anyone can get published if they agree to pay. ) Your grads can be only "technical reviewers."

  3. Other BSc get jobs in Google, Yahoo etc. Your PhD's teach in high schools. (Okay, PhDs teaching to KG's is fine and noble.) But your Physics/Math/Chemistry PhD's go on to take half a dozen more Masters in (what!??) archaeology, geology, child psychology, social welfare, education management, financial counselling etc

    Degrees unrelated to first degrees.

    Degrees that don't help their current jobs and current customers.

    Degrees unlikely to find them better jobs or satisfaction.

Why do they study in the first place?

What meaning do they seek and find in their study or learning?

t-direction at will help find better directions. Try, see for yourselves!

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