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July 9, 2014

Power of Limited Systems : World Cup 2014 Germany 7 Brazil 1

World Cup 2014's semi-final  ended with Germany beating Brazil 7 : 1. Germany won in spite of and because of its limited systems. Limited systems are that powerful and devastating.

Main Reasons for Brazil's Loss

  1. Brazil coach's big picture does not seem to include "flanks" and "midfield." 
  2. Germany's limited systems are powerful and devastating.
  3. Brazil failed to come up with better or newer systems e.g. Germany already know how to cope "total football," "tiki taka," etc. Brazil should at least borrow from Stephen Chow and his Shaolin Soccer Have you noticed that Muay Thai's kicks are useful in getting the balls back in crowded situations? 

Limited Systems

 They are limited because
  1. they apply to only certain specific situations.
  2. they lack creativity, inspiration, flair, sparks.
  3. they can miss certain opportunities.
  4. they can break down totally in certain scenarios.
 Still they are extremely powerful because
  1. they are simple to carry and execute
  2. they are simple to change for certain opportunities and system breakdowns.
  3. Even when you have to discard them all, they are too simple to cost you a lot.  

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