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June 21, 2014

World Cup, Science Creativity and Singapore

Creativity and inspiration are as important in Science as in football. Commentators on the current World Cup matches have given us excellent revelations about  creativity and inspiration in football.

Individual Source of Inspiration Remark
Science Any pretender God
einfall (German, meaning "falling in", or "falling from above")

Henri Poincaré
Conscious works sandwiching unconscious work
There is another remark to be made about the conditions of this unconscious work: it is possible, and of a certainty it is only fruitful, if it is on the one hand preceded and on the other hand followed by a period of conscious work. These sudden inspirations (and the examples already cited sufficiently prove this) never happen except after some days of voluntary effort which has appeared absolutely fruitless and whence nothing good seems to have come, where the way taken seems totally astray. These efforts then have not been as sterile as one thinks; they have set agoing the unconscious machine and without them it would not have moved and would have produced nothing. (source)
Gerd Mueller

voices in his head
"A voice inside my head says Gerd go this way, Gerd go that..." (source)


Gary Lineker
hard work "It's all those little runs you make,again and again,hoping the ball will come."

Now, young would-be scientists, watch World Cup! And see what "running off the ball" or "movement off the ball" means, instead of waiting for inspirations.

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