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June 30, 2014

Forgiving for the sake of Willpower and Energy

There are many ways to create and maintain willpower and energy. Forgiving yourself is one powerful approach. In how many ways can you forgive yourself?

Kind Forgiving

You try this when you run into a setback. If you beat yourself up every time you make mistakes, you will stay down longer than necessary. A better idea is to forgive yourself, learn your lesson and move on. That will shorten your recovery time tremendously.

Casual Forgiving

Once I taught a civil engineer how to write feasibility reports. He was a bit embarrassed that his reports were corrected a bit too much. And he sounded defensive and a bit too eager to enter into arguments with his colleagues and superiors.

I told him that I am very comfortable with my English. But I will also have similar problems if I am to write such reports. Because each domain/field of study has its own unique / idiosyncratic / peculiar / WEIRD stylistic conventions and usages!

But then, I told him, I won't argue. I 'd just accept corrections, stop making similar mistakes and move on, have peace and prosper.

BECAUSE I have a CAVALIER attitude to English (or for that matter, any language ). I don't take them seriously and so I can forgive easily, recover easily and move on.

Ambitious Forgiving

Kim Jordan, CEO of New Belgium Brewing says this in Fortune.

Stay on the forefront. When we invest in new technology, we expect some of that to fail. If you expect things to always succeed, you’re probably not far enough out on the learning edge.

So, when you are not making mistakes anymore, be worried, very very.
And, when you are making mistakes lots and lots, remember and congratulate yourself that you are probably "far ... out on the learning edge".

Forgive yourself,  forgive others, forgive all and move on. Better worlds, better futures await you!

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