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September 6, 2013

Speed and Slow and Growth --- Part 1

Try and appreciate the Yoda-speak. Sometimes, it contains the best solution to your "speed" or "slow" problem, in studies or in life.

A StraitsTimes forum post said:

 "the majority of the 4,000 Singapore citizens who took part in an Our Singapore Conversation exercise in January were prepared to trade off economic growth for a slower pace of life"

  1. Einstein, Niels Bohr, Leonardo da Vinci etc were slow, and good.
    Feynman was fast, and good too.

  2. Bruce Lee was young and fast, and good.
    Morihei Ueshiba(Aikido founder) was old and fast, and good too.

  3. Steve Jobs was extremely slow and late and good.
    Instagram, Facebook are fast and good too.

  4. Toyota was slow and fast and outran all US car makers.
    F1 racing teams are fast.
    The Manhattan Project was fast.
    Samsung is "sashimi" fast and outran Nokia.

  5.  Slack by Tom DeMarco maintains that you don't think faster because you put more pressure on your brains.
    However, Feynman seemed to think faster under pressure.