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August 17, 2013

Facebook Rants --- Recruitment

I did a lot of recruitment on Facebook in recent weeks.

Recruitment on Facebook

When our team grows, of course, our receptionists and canteen staff will have PhD's and know Hadoop, Cassandra, MapReduce, R and lots of Big Data statistical packages.

But for the time being, others have been making good money with Excel!!! Yes, Excel!!! In Myanmar, in Singapore, and in New York (and in Wall Street )

From Hadoop to Excel, the space is a bit very wide. Our team hope to score some nice goals. Any one, who has learned Excel or Hadoop or WHATEVER for 2 or 3 days, are encourage to join us! For the time being, we accept candidates without PhD, so hurry.

More Recruitment on Facebook

Suppose I run an online magazine/journal/news. I can write 30-50 articles a day. But shall I have time? Time even to type those articles? Upload relevant pics etc?

Programming is as easy as typing.

So, if you can type and read English, you are qualified to be a programmer in my team. We will train you. We'll let you attend SG$ 600 worth ITE classes, Poly classes, and even degree courses abroad.

Earn our trust, prove yourself. Not months, just weeks. Take risk with us.

We are not asking you to sign a contract that will enslave you to us for MONTHS or years.

Still More Recruitment on Facebook

I'm recruiting programmers. But no experience is required.

Software/programming is so easy with us that we can teach/train any Myanmar High school or Singapore Secondary student.

This is a big opportunity.

My credentials : (1) I have been a student of AI for decades.

My better credentials : (1) I cannot climb trees. But I have trained 3 or 4 kids to climb trees about 20 years ago. (2) I cannot draw but I've trained a few kids to draw, and so on.

So, though we intend to do only web apps right now, if your kid is bent on Assembly or Haskell, we won't stand in his/her way, but will even facilitate his/her speed.

More Recruitment on Facebook

In every soldier's bag, there is a marshal baton, Napoleon?

Any one who joins will be helped to grow as fast as they can,as far as they can!!!

Recruitment on Facebook and Business-Systems Building

6-dollars-per-hour staff with 3 or 4 days of training. You can pay for them too. But to become McDonald, you need a system, equal to or better than McDonald system.

Do I have a system to play in big league of software with ordinary programmers?

By the way, who am I? A very lazy, very ordinary kid, now an old guy. But I search or build or dream up nice cool systems.

I'm recruiting.

Let everyone know. No experience required. No commitment required.

Only these requirements - you live in Singapore, you can read and type. You can work about 4 hours per week at home and 1 hour per week at our place.

Still More Recruitment on Facebook

In old days, Mr Sim Wong Hoo (Creative Technology) went to America to sell and to build a world-class company.

Recently, I read in the papers, an SMU student making cold calls to get intern at Silicon Valley companies, getting an internship at a 4-person company, and flying there on his own money. Gradually, he got a full-time job there.

May kids in Singapore and Myanmar be more ambitious! (They are smart and brave already.)

Recruitment on Facebook

I predict 100 Instagram's from Myanmar and Singapore each. And when you predict something, you must also know when/how it can go wrong.

Instagram came from another bigger app by Kevin Systrom, called Burbn, according to this month Fast Company magazine. Burbn is a clone of all popular app features at that time.

Singapore programmer Chang Sau Sheong, in "Cloning Internet Applications with Ruby" book, has done a Burbn like app already. There are many equally capable developers in Myanmar and Singapore.

But will they reduce their bigger clone app into a smaller, more useful app like Instagram? If they do, my predictions will be true. If not, well we will get 200 clone apps, including 2 of mine ;-(

Recruitment on Facebook

I admire the source code of Django, Tornado, NLTK, boto, etc. As many of world greatest coders in history advise, their logic/code is "dumb" and therefore good.

When I coded shopping cart, CRUD etc, my logic/code stayed "dumb" and good. But when I moved even a bit farther, e.g. FSM with Pygame, an exper system etc, my logic/code became "clever," complex and unstable.

I've thought about and studied this for years.

Our team is training to be a world leader in software -- both biz-wise and techno-wise. Anyone interested in becoming better programmers are welcome. We are humble to learn and generous to share.

Love and Thanks to all.


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