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August 17, 2013

Facebook and Google Plus Rants --- Big Words and Audacity

Recruitment on Facebook

I told an EDB conference in Suntec City in 2005, a few days after my wife and son arrived in Singapore, about our intention to "change the course of human history."

Very big words.

Very very big words.

Am I used to lying, boasting or madness?

A new chapter, a new journey has started already. Dangers and risks are there but no fear. Loneliness and sadness are there but no bitterness.

So, there is a good deal better chance to prove my BIG WORDS.

Audacious Problem Solving

Our software/programming team was having World-class problems, i.e. there are no solutions yet on Google, StackOverFlow, Quora, and many other online forums and discussion groups.

Is my design technically not feasible?

I joked, "That will work because I am the CEO". It's Steve Jobs's line to argue with his Engineers.

Then I said seriously, "That will work because I a monkey-scientist".  Such scientists are humble and playful and full of self-directed humor, the kind of sense of humor that Eistein said is good for preventing insanity ;-)

We solved the issues we had with Django ORM, by borrowing some techniques for Fowler's Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture and some techniques from J2EE world.

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