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May 20, 2013

"Secrets of Getting Better Grades"

Secrets of Getting Better Grades, by Brian Marshall, 2002, 2nd edition has many useful tips for study. It shows us how to do note taking and reading with purpose.

Note-taking during Class

  1. Leave some thinking space.
  2. Organize:
    1. Outline. Use sub-headings etc.
    2. Use mind maps.
    3. Use circles, arrows, blocks, etc..
    4. Use numbering.
    5. Use colors.
  3. Capture the essence. Listen for word clues, emphasis, repetitions, what's written on the board.

Reading Purpose

  1. Preview: Select, look for structure.
  2. Skim: Overall ideas, specific locations.
  3. Scan: Main ideas, key details.
  4. Intensive: You can almost re-create, re-construct what you've read.

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