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May 21, 2013

"Pass Your Weak Subjects" : Book Review

Are you struggling with some subjects at school?

There is a book specially written for such struggles, titled Pass Your Weak Subjects, by Richard Palmer, 2008.


Use mind maps, diagrams, flow diagrams. They contain a lot of information and help in visual learning.


Master the vocabulary.
Use graphs.
Use mnemonics, devices that help you retain the new information you've just picked up.


Use mind maps
Use revision notes e.g. Cliff, Barron
Practice active recall.


Revisit the topics constantly.
Do lots of examples. Study worked examples.
Stop when your targeted load/quota is done, celebrate. Don't burn yourself out in ambition and greed!
Use mnemonics.
Use colorful imagery.


Pay special attention to and master key equations and phrases. Such phrases cover key concepts.
Master key math concepts and skills.
Use revision guides. e.g. Cliff, Barron, Schume

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