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May 18, 2013

"How to Study " by Ron Fry : Book Review

How to Study by Ron Fry, 2005, 6th edition is a wonderful book for study techniques. The section titled "How to Read Technical Text" is particularly excellent.

Reading Purposes

  1. You may be reading to grasp a certain message.
  2. You may want to answer a specific question.
  3. You may be reading to evaluate what you are reading.
  4. You may be trying to find important details.
  5. You are only interested in applying what you are reading to your task at hand.

Technical Text Reading

Concentrate on:
  1. Definitions, terms, vocabulary. They are the foundations.
  2. Examples. They help you consolidate your understanding.
  3. Visuals. They save you a lot of work. A picture is often worth more than a thousand words.
  4. Relationships e.g. classifications, contrasts, cause and effects, etc.
Tie up often. Pause and  stop to check and to solidify your understanding.

Review and solidify often, especially with definitions, examples, formulas.

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