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May 20, 2013

"Ace Any Test," by Ron Fry : Book Review

Ace Any Test by Ron Fry, 2000, 4th edition, is an excellent book. My son likes the section on Cramming a lot!

What Parents Can Do?

1. Set up a study routine for the kids.
2. Convince them of reality and real life.

If You Must Cram

  1. Set realistic goals. Be modest, don't be greedy, ambitious.
  2. Go for selective depth, not breadth.
  3. Use mnemonics.
  4. Decide when to go to sleep. Get up early.
  5. In the exam room, write down things during the first few minutes.

Taking Notes during Class

  1. Select:
    1. What is unknown to you?
    2. What does the teacher emphasize?
    3. Explanations
    4. Examples and demonstrations.
  2. Summarize.
  3. Sort: relationships between the points.

Efficient Reading

  1. Read the questions at the end of a chapter. Ask why you should read this?
  2. Ignore repetitions.
  3. Slow down with the new.
  4. Focus on what is highlighted.
  5. Maps, photos, drawings etc are key.
  6. Get the big picture:
    1. Rephrase the headings.
    2. Read the introductions and the first few sentences.
    3. Answer your initial questions, those question you asked yourself before you started reading.
    4. Write down summary notes.


free associate to generate new ideas --> organize --> write, leaving some spaces --> correct/edit

Exam Room, Exam Time

1. Read the whole question paper.
2. Mark the easy ones you intend to tackle.

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