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April 5, 2013

We're Having Fun -- Cruising Levels

We are having fun at cruising altitudes. What we are doing is fun-easy for us and for our customers as well. Join us! We have an exciting journey ahead.

Aviation Analogy

Don't let turbulence freak you out says

Airplanes pass through turbulence all day, every day, and how often have you heard of an airplane actually crashing because of it? At cruising altitude, it just doesn't happen. And in other stages of flight it's, at most, very, very rare. It takes a lot more than bumps along the way to down a plane.

When you're in a turbulence, you get out of it by getting to your cruising altitude. To get there, you may go up or down.

We're now at our realistic, pragmatic altitude, and therefore having fun making meaning.

Investment Analogy

J.P. Morgan’s “The Sleeping Point” says:

A worried investor asked J. P. Morgan this question in the early days of the Depression: “What should I do about my stocks. I can’t sleep nights.”

Morgan replied: “I’d sell down to the sleeping point.”

That doesn't mean we are reducing our stake. We have just reduced our unnecessary emotional baggage. As cognitive psychologists like to say, when emotional involvement becomes balanced, when you become relaxed and loose, your cognitive immersion can go up and so can your creativity.

We're now at our realistic, pragmatic "point", and therefore having fun making meaning.

Please join us!

It's fun --- useful meaningful profitable fun!

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