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March 2, 2013

Programmers ,Please Come and Accept My Worship

November 2, 2011

Programmers in Singapore, please come.

Whatever your age, nationality, race, rank or religion,
Whatever your language(PHP or Python, Scala or Smalltalk, Ada or Assembly),
Please come, I want to worship you.

I am not being sarcastic. Maybe a bit desperate ;-)
There is no hidden agenda. The agenda is very open: I want you to work for me free for many months. ( As a bonus advantage, I may even allow you to worship me about once a week.)

There are many reasons you can be happy about my open agenda. Before I go into that, let me tell you why I am so happy to worship you.

Let's start with just 2 main reasons:
  1. You are a creator.

  2. You are a potentially big earner.

You Are a Creator

You can make a pile of plastic, rubber, wires and metal sheets walk, sweep, climb stairs, arrange dishes, play with kids, and so on. Robots.

You can make any fairy tale jump off the pages and sing, dance, move, quarrel, fight and entertain our kids. Games and animations.

You can sponge off and siphon off an experienced but very expensive physician's hard-won knowledge and wisdom, and make it come alive in our laptops, PDAs, and mobile phones. Expert systems for diagnostic purposes.

You can help people choose tailor-made financial products, insurance policies, travel packages, rooms and houses, even the right KG's, schools or colleges to attend.

You sit on the same floor as Picasso, Van Goh, Lennon but you sit a bit higher. Their works do not come alive for many types of people. But your works --- Google search, Facebook, Halo, Warcraft etc --- come to live for many kinds of people.

Books need to be read. Book-readers(doctors, lawyers, stock traders, teachers etc) need to be consulted. But your works, your programs, your softwares, your apps are in our fingers literally --- there to help us, guide us, comfort us 24/7 under any weather in any place.

Can you imagine life without an ATM, Google search engine, Yahoo/Google mail, Facebook friends, Monster job postings, craiglist, Amazon books, youtube clips? No ipod, iPhone? No Excel, no MS Office, no PowerPoint?

Can you run any business without Quicken, Access, MySQL, Oracle or some other database?

There are still many types and fields of knowledge that haven't been put into program, put into software. You decipher them, specify them and code them into something like Excel or Facebook or YouTube and the world will become a better place for you, for your spouse, for your family and friends and for us too.

Oh, come, accept my Worship, you Creators.

There are still many stories that haven't been told in software.
There are still many games that haven't been played in software.
There are still many services that haven't been rendered in software.

Tell them.
Play them.
Render them.

O you Creators, come, accept my Worship.

You can change the world, you can change its course of history. Even if you are not that ambitious, you can still make the world a better, safer, more beautiful, more abundant, more convenient, more hassle-free, more pleasant-to-live, more efficient place.

You Are a Potentially Big Earner.

I won't go into details here either as I haven't research this at all.
So, just help me answer some of these questions:

How much did Alibaba Employer No. 3 earn?
How much did Yahoo Employer No. 4 earn?
How much did Google Employer No. 5 earn?
How much did Microsoft Employer No. 6 earn?
How much did Facebook Employer No. 7 earn?
How much did Creative Technology Employer No. 8 earn? (When I was in NUS, one such guy came to lecture us. He told us that at one time, more than 2000 people reported to him. His MBA came years after his job. I suspect that the NUS MBA school won't even consider his application before he worked for Creative.)

You may not have been one of them. But you still have such chances almost every week in your software industry.

Why not come and accept our worship?

george and family

Cxyzxzy Zyxxvv
Singapore 111ZZXX


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  5. Never blame others or even the circumstances. Then you may end up feeling like a victim.
    Take responsibility, take charge, take the driver's seat!

    You'll be alright.

  6. Why can't you find programmers suitable for you? Can't you explain your vision to them? Is your vision less compelling, weak and lame? A good vision always attracts all the necessary resources it needs!

  7. AnonymousMay 22, 2013

    I wonder if the Tumblr guys are using a framework or if it is all home brew.

    Both: it’s a homebrew framework to add MVC structure and a useful secondary function library to PHP 5 that we started in 2006 and have constantly evolved into a very finely tuned framework for our needs. The same framework runs some of Davidville’s former consulting-client sites as well as all of my personal sites and projects. It’s not available publicly anywhere, but we may release it in the future.

  8. AnonymousMay 22, 2013

    techchrunch asked: What language is Tumblr written in? All PHP?

    We’re a LAMP based stack (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) with Scala for our many services. Other pieces of tech we use currently in production are Memcached, Varnish and Redis.

  9. AnonymousMay 22, 2013

    ■OS X for development, Linux (CentOS, Scientific) in production
    ■PHP, Scala, Ruby
    ■Redis, HBase, MySQL
    ■Varnish, HA-Proxy, nginx,
    ■Memcache, Gearman, Kafka, Kestrel, Finagle
    ■Thrift, HTTP
    ■Func - a secure, scriptable remote control framework and API
    ■Git, Capistrano, Puppet, Jenkins

    When the company started on Rackspace it gave each custom domain blog an A record. When they outgrew Rackspace there were too many users to migrate. This is 2007. They still have custom domains on Rackspace. They route through Rackspace back to their colo space using HAProxy and Varnish. Lots of legacy issues like this.

  10. AnonymousMay 22, 2013

    Lessons learned
    ■Automation everywhere.
    ■MySQL (plus sharding) scales, apps don't.
    ■Redis is amazing.
    ■Scala apps perform fantastically.
    ■Scrap projects when you aren’t sure if they will work.
    ■Don’t hire people based on their survival through a useless technological gauntlet. Hire them because they fit your team and can do the job.
    ■Select a stack that will help you hire the people you need.
    ■Build around the skills of your team.
    ■Read papers and blog posts. Key design ideas like the cell architecture and selective materialization were taken from elsewhere.
    ■Ask your peers. They talked to engineers from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn about their experiences and learned from them. You may not have access to this level, but reach out to somebody somewhere.
    ■Wade, don’t jump into technologies. They took pains to learn HBase and Redis before putting them into production by using them in pilot projects or in roles where the damage would be limited.

  11. AnonymousJune 08, 2013





  12. AnonymousJune 08, 2013



    (2) = messy = with Django