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February 5, 2013

Invitation to Marketers and Promoters

November 23, 2012

We are developing an application for primary and secondary students all the world over.

It's a free app with premium services for paying users.

We want as many students themselves and their parents as possible to become aware of it and to try it out.

  1. Can you help us locate where they are?
  2. Can you spread our message among them: email, direct mail, flyer, social media groupings, Youtube, slide share, ezine publishing, mobile messages, PR, ANY OTHER WAY?
  3.  Can you drive traffic to our app/site?
  4.  Once they are at the site, can you help us encourage / cajole / entice / seduce them try out our service?

Beyond that point, we take over.

We take it upon ourselves to ensure
  1. that our app is intuitive and easy to use,
  2. that its benefits are obvious to the users,
  3. that the fees are reasonable and affordable and easy to pay, and so on.

Here also, we are open to your contributions
  1. What features will increase our value to the users?
  2. What benefits will they like to get?
  3. What concerns would we address?
  4. Reduce or increase price? and so on.

Are your team comfortable doing these activities?

PS. True, we will stop funding any product that fails to meet our milestone/target.

But, before we do that, we will try to morph it into a far better product. Even if we kill a product, we stay in the same line of business and still go after the same types of customers.

So, please also think about long-term benefits that you can get from starting a long-term relationship with us. When Product AZ 1.0 of ours goes, AZ 2.1 will come, and when AZ line goes, there will be BQ, CW, DY lines and so on. And you should still be promoting them for us to our mutual prosperity.

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  1. Reasons not to worry about education
    1. Warren Buffet said in an interview that he'll leave enough so that his kids feel they can do "anything."
    Since I am as rich as Mr Buffett, there's no need for me to worry ;-) ;-)

    Reasons not to worry about education
    2. A recent Daily Telegraph, of UK, article said: middle class families are being priced out of private tutors who now charge 40 pound or USD 63 per hour. Only very rich foreign tycoons don't mind these fees, it said.

    Since I am as rich as any of Russian oil oligarchs, there's no need for me to worry ;-) ;-)