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January 3, 2013

'Wine Tasting' Training

Mr Ngiam Tong Dow needs no introduction in Singapore, but for non-Singaporeans, here is his profile.

In Straits Times, November 21, 2010, issue, on page.34, he's has said this about current training programs:

Skilling up is also his prescription to raise wage levels and to narrow the income gap. He opposes the idea of a minimum wage. 'That is namby-pamby thinking,' he says. 'You get higher wages by improving skills, not by legislating. We need to take skills training much more seriously. A lot of the short courses offered these days by professional firms are like wine tasting. They are not real training.'

For those like me, who has never done wine tasting, I'd say that such courses are similar to movie trailers, teasers, TV spots, clips or featurettes. Say, Avatar. And please find any one trailer on YouTube:

I haven't seen the full-length movie.

Suppose you have.

Am I ready to discuss the movie with you after watching that youtube clip? What did I know about it just by watching it on youtube? I know it's about: guns, planes, strange birds and strange-looking blue-skinned people, battles.

A lot like Woody Allen's summary of 'War and Peace,' which he had read in under 10 minutes using his speed-reading class's methods. He said, "It's about Russia."

Training can be a lot better. Far far better. Just watch these pages of this blog.

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