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January 1, 2013

UX Introspection : Would it Take Too Long to Build Reputation in an Online Forum?

The answer is: "Yes, it will take not only time but also a great amount of patience and understanding to establish your reputation in a 'democratic' online discussion."

Unless you pull off some stunts, or share your family jewels, or rig the game in your favor.

No  current reputation systems, rewards systems, badges systems, vote systems, poll systems won't help you.

As in my previous posts, I'll illustrate this point with a fictitious discussion with badges and votes systems. Excuse me if the example looks like your favourite forum/discussion. No deliberate intention here.

StackUnderwhelmed Forum

Question: When does an interaction fail to be interactive?
Vote : -1   Answer: I got this from Chris Crawford.
                 He postulates that a good interaction resembles a good conversation, and that a good
                 conversation has the 3 essential attributes, which I will explain in the example below.
                 He says a good interactive participant "listens," "thinks" and responds within a
                 reasonable interval.
  1. A person/app just listens. Then, it is not interactive e.g. recorder, book, wall
  2. A person/app just talks. Then, it is not interactive e.g. radio, old time TV, old time cd player
  3. A person/app just talks and listens but without any thinking. e.g. some answering machine, some social bore
                           by Yoda 11 September 2012

Vote : 321         Answer: Interaction Design: How it works after I touch it.
                           interaction design (none specific to field) - concept/understanding how
                           one/individual interacts with an entity and how to design the process of
                           interaction of that individual with the entity. that entity can be anything you
                           pick it to be, for example your car, or your toaster, web browser and website
                           that you view in a browser

                       by Mogoda 11 September 2012

Who rated Yoda? A panel of well-regarded judges?

Who voted up Mogoda? No rigging, no gaming the system?

Entropy? Ageing? Gathering gross? A tree rotten inside? A better-than-nothing solution.

We should be able to do better now: we have experience and we can do without "legacy shit."

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