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January 8, 2013

Story for Learning Science and Technology

After Steve Jobs, everyone comes to know that the career sweet spots lie in the intersection between science and liberal arts.

After Jim Loehr's The Power of Story, everyone also comes to know that story is good for politics, leadership, teaching and business especially in marketing and sales.

I want to point out that story is also good for your kids in learning Science and Technology too.

Detective Raven TV Series

Once I overheard this conversation between Raven and a fellow female police detective on a TV sereis.

She said,about a spy murder case, "We have all the facts, Raven. But they are useless about a theory. You are to provide that theory to us."

Watson, Crick and DNA

In the Double Helix, we can note many incidences in which Crick and Watson had to explain the results of some experiments to those who had actually carried out those experiments.

Enrico Fermi

Fermi, an Italian physicist, particularly known for his work on the development of the first nuclear reactor, too has remarked "If I can name all the particles in an atom I'd become a botanist." In his day, "botanist" apparently means a gardener.

Facts after itemized facts ...

Datum after datum ...

Fragments after fragments ...

Have your kids had all down pat as a whole?

With meaning, with coherence, with integrity ...

Above all else, with a story?

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