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January 16, 2013

Stay Cool with Calculus - Part 3

Some time in August 2012, or earlier.

We were doing Calculus just to test how cool my Primary 5 son can be in the face of some supposedly "scary" problems.

And we were looking for a kid-friendly introductory book

 We did check out books at our Popular stores. In Singapore, Calculus is taught in A Maths in Secondary 4. The textbooks, the workbooks, the supplementary books there did not foresee customers like us.

We did find Business Calculus Demystified, a wonderful book, a great one. But it didn't meet our requirement of " just 1 or 2 hours."

We kept looking till we found "Calculus Made Easy."

Strangely, a book published in 1910 is the most suitable for the 21st century:

It also captures the spirit of the calculus reform movement:

The photos were taken form "Calculus Made Easy" the 1998 Edition's introduction by Martin Gardner.

By this time, we, both father and son, were very cool.
  1. We know more relevant branches of Maths, other than Calculus.
  2.  Tough big books are not our problems, but the problem for the authors and the publishers.
  3. We can bypass them with cooler nicer books.

We read
  1. a few chapters of Calculus Made Easy
  2. a few sections of a workbook from Popular store
  3. a few chapters of Business Calculus Demystified
He tested his understanding of the concepts by working out some exercises in Business Calculus Demystified.

I believe that this experience will help him with other areas of studies too.

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