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January 15, 2013

Stay Cool with Calculus - Part 1

Some time in August 2012, or earlier.

I wanted to teach my Primary 5 son some Calculus. He's not a nerd and I didn't know Calculus myself. We were doing it just to test how cool he can be in the face of  some supposedly "scary" problems.

My purpose was clear: just 2 or 3 inspiring real-life problems, 2 or 3 simple formulas or procedures, just 1 or 2 hours.

I had read about how Calculus can be used to calculate optimum prices etc. I had also read about Einstein's gratitude to his childhood textbooks: simple, easy, general, introductory, user-friendly, kid-friendly, (in his hand-written translated diary, to be accurate.)

Many outsiders realize it can be beautiful and desire to see its beauty with their own eyes:

That is taken from "Calculus Made Easy" The 1998 Edition's introduction by Martin Gardner

Can you find such a book easily in our modern days? Excluding the Khan Academy or any online stuffs.

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