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January 16, 2013

Stability, Adaptability, and Truth

"The world is changing. The times are changing. New technologies are emerging at a breakneck pace. New markets, new economies. new careers are emerging at a breakneck pace."

"A new graduate has to keep 6 or more careers before s/he retires."

"Changes are coming more frequently than in the past. And their impact and ramifications are far deeper and more wide-ranging than in the past."

"Our age is a complex system and we live in a chaotic world full of black swans and tsunamis."

Given such information, we as parents have 2 choices:
  1. We can refuse to believe them.
  2. Or we can accept them.

We Refuse to Believe in Chaos

Here are some examples of this line of believing
  1. A proverb --- "The more things change, the more they stay the same."
  2. Taoism --- The centre is so stable that it is not moving at all.
  3. Drucker --- Invention of Internet is comparable to the invention of printing press.
  4. Hidden Champions --- Timeless maxims, not business management fads.
  5. "Breaking the Windows" --- It seperates boys from men to see which is a trend and which is a fad, a hype.
  6. Steve Jobs --- New technology happens very slowly.
That 's what I mean by Truth. That the world is stable doesn't mean that it is a bed or roses. It can be stable and stably tough.

Or Believe the World is Getting More Chaotic

Then, we believe that past is more stable than the present.

Do you think times in 500 BC, 400 BC, 300 BC were more stable than out times?

Do we find the people of those times viewed their jobs as stable and static?

Did they view their worlds as stable and static?

Did they see their worlds as utterly predictable and sort of boring and plain sailing?

What do we find instead?

That 's what I mean by Truth. The world never was, is and shall be stable.

Read literature set in rural backwaters. Do those characters find their lives stable?

In that sense, the world is stable. Teach that to your children.

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