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January 15, 2013

Product Strategy : Every Thing Has Been Invented

Do not assume :
  1. A fellow Myanmar or Singaporean cannot invent
  2. Such inventions belong only to America, Europe or Japan.
  3. Everything has been invented.
Here's my stake on everything already being invented. Let's limit our discussion only to human beings' need to communicate.

The Mouth

I wish I were the one who invented the mouth. Every time you speak, make phone calls, shout, sing to your girl friend, make speeches, you will be paying license fees to me!

The Alphabet

I wish I were the one who invented the alpahbet. Every time you text with your phone, scribble your shopping list, email, type, you will be paying license fees to me!

The Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Facebook Mail

I missed them.

The QQ, Instant Messaging, The iPhone, The Twitter

I missed them.

The Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest

I missed them.

So, with all these inventions, are we now in communication heaven or Nirvana?

You can communicate anything you want to anyone you want anywhere in any manner you want, in any language or dialect, in any tone you want?

Language barrier has been broken? Culture barrier, generation gap barrier, all other barriers have been broken?

What about Jhonny Mnemonics and his brain dump techniques? What about how people communicated in ancient folk tales and myths?

Are we there already?

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