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January 2, 2013

Our Blog Adds Value Thick and Heavy

There are different levels at which a blog adds value for the readers.
  1. Google/Bing/Yahoo. 
  2. Selected Links Only. 
  3. Selected Extracts, like here in this Post. 
  4. Synthesis/ Systematization. 
  5. Combination with One's Own Insights.
At the first and shallowest level, the blogger just piles up relevant-looking data, a lot like a search engine acts. It's up to you to decide and select what you need to read in detail.

At the next level, the blogger shows you what s/he has selected. But s/he still shows the source in its entirety.

At the third level, only relevant parts of a source are shared.

At the fourth level, parts of the various sources are cross-checked, cross-referenced, integrated and collated.

At the last level, the blogger's own perspectives, interpretations and insights are added onto the source ideas.S/he may even come up with a new system/paradigm etc.

At what level of Value-Add do you think I usually blog my posts?

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